Apothecary Tales

c h a p t e r  9

Inverting Insights

Apothecary - Seasons Playing Cards - Ch7

the spring journey back home was far more peaceful...

            The boy had no alarming encounters. Quite the contrary, he much enjoyed his surroundings. If not for his urgency in delivering the seeds, he might have even made the choice to move slower, and relish the gifts of spring.

            Yet home was his goal, and so he hurried, often squeezing the bark spade tight in his hand.

            It took him many days and many nights. Throughout, in addition to worrying after his grandpa, he thought about that odd, random woman, who'd at first seemed so unreal, so dream-like. Who was she? Why had she been so kind?

            But that was completely forgotten when at long last, the boy's cabin loomed into sight.

            Wind in his lungs, he jogged over to it. His ankles, by now, were filled with strength.

            Opening the door, he called out, “Grandpa! I'm home!”

            He held up the wrapped club-marked pack.


            Brows lowering, the boy looked all around.

            His grandpa was nowhere to be found.


End Part 1