Apothecary Tales

c h a p t e r  6

an appearing apothecary

Apothecary - Seasons Playing Cards - Ch6

he woke with a start...

            Then he blinked six times, thinking this to be a most odd dream...

            He was in a serene, sweet-smelling apothecary. A beautiful hooded woman, aimed a soup spoon at his mouth.

            “You're up!” she smiled, openly delighted. “Drink!”

            “Where am I?”

            She shook the spoon. “Before it gets cold...”

            And so he sipped some. It tasted of potatoes and peas.

The boy looked around to take in his surroundings. The wall to his left was lined with glass loaded shelves ceiling to floor. Glass jars each labeled with a different latin name, filled with dried plants of various sizes and styles laid in haphazard organization across each level.


Then his eyes grew wide. Looking past the radiant woman, toward a jar upon a shelf behind her, he identified them, “Those are my grandfather's seeds!”

            She giggled at the boy's excitement.

            “Where did you get them??”

            “This apothecary has everything.   It's just a matter of what you need."