Apothecary Tales

c h a p t e r  3

persistent perserverance

Apothecary - Seasons Playing Cards - Ch3

the boys journey brought about no small amount of danger...

            On his first night sleeping out in the snow, he found himself getting awoken by the snout of a curious and innocent-looking bear. But when the bear opened its jaws and began to growl, the boy ran away as fast as his feet would carry him.

            On the second week of his long journey, he heard strange sounds leaping out from the foliage. By day, by night. At first, they sounded like hissing – but he knew of no snakes that could survive such cold. He wondered if he was simply going mad...

            Then a whisper from the forest, in a female voice, said to him, “Keep north...”

            The boy's ears perked. “What?” he asked urgently.

            But no more words came, and the hissing quieted.

            Yet he kept at it, pressing on. He could not prevent himself from thinking about his grandfather. His grandfather was born into forest living and would survive okay without him.   But how long would it be before his memories would go? Was he not even a shadow of his former self?