c h a p t e r  7


Apothecary - Seasons Playing Cards - Ch7

she walked past him to the wall on his right...

Powders, liquids, roots, and leaves laid across a workshop table underneath the kerosine glass chandelier. The chandelier lit a full wall of unlabeled wooden drawers to his right. A shadow cast a long shadow down from a semi-ajar open drawer.

            "Don't mind the jars on your left. I haven't yet prepared them. This wall, this wall here is full of all the good stuff. Handwrapped and fully prepared by yours truly." she did a small courtesy to the young boy.

            "Let's see. hmmmm." Her eyes scanned across the wall ending up to the opened drawer. 

            "Oh? 3 down and twelve right. It looks like you really did want some ponderings after all. You know a lot of people that find themselves  in this shop usually say they need one thing but the apothecary knows better. This wall reveals their truest intentions and often times it's not the thing they think at all." she said in a rapid and upbeat tone.

            "Your purpose must be strong." she looked the boy over curiously.

            "I need to get my grandfather his seeds," he reconfirmed. - The boy straightened up suddenly remembering his goal again feeling slightly guilty having forgotten it in such a strange environment. The boy realized he was starving and put his bark charm down to drink some more soup. The lady noticed.

            "Oh my .." she glanced from the charm, to the wall, and back to the charm again.

            And where did you get this rare little find?"      

            "This?" he held up the spade. "my grandfather's lucky charm I guess."

            The lady raised her eyebrow but said nothing.

            “Here...” She handed him a little square pack. Upon its side was a symbol – a club.

            “...you can give these to your grandfather.  These will work better than your raw seeds. They've been distilled in purified curiosity and pressed for maximum effectiveness." She laid it in the boy's hand and the rose colored pack turned blue.

            "That's how you know they're working,"  she smiled.

            He took it. He looked out the window. The sky was crisp blue, and he heard birds chirping.

            Looking back at the woman, he asked, “Is it spring?”

            “Very nearly,” she said, touching his face. “Very nearly.”